The history of Castello di Lucignano reaches far back in time: besides Etruscan artifacts a Roman wall was discovered, which still forms part of the old wine-cellar of the castle . The first written account of the Castello dates back to the year 912, when the Sienese Archbishop Teodorico assessed the taxes for the parish S. Cristina at Lucignano della Berardenga. Castello di Lucignano was subjected to the century long battles between Siena and Florenz and finally in 1452, after a siege by Aragonese troups, came under the reign of Florence.

After the destruction of its fortification the Castello was converted into an aristocratic estate, owned by the Barons Ricasoli. Since then Castello di Lucignano has been providing its Lords with agricultural products, including grapes for the production of great Chianti wines.

Since 1994 Castello di Lucignano is experiencing a time of revival. Thanks to the initiative of a German entrepreneur, Gerd K. Schué and his son Stephan, the dilapidated hamlet was carefully restored, the vineyards were replanted with modern clones of Sangiovese grapes and a state-of-the-art wine-cellar was established. Today Castello di Lucignano is considered one of the most beautiful architectoral “jewels” of the Chianti Classico region.

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